As we mentioned before, moving a piano can be a nightmare, especially if it’s just you, a pickup truck, and a flight of stairs. If you want your piano safely delivered to your destination, it’s best to allow a professional piano moving service to handle the job.

UDYAT Relocation & Storage System offers residential and commercial storage and moving solutions, including piano moving services. If you want your piano delivered unscathed, call us today!

How We Move a Grand Piano

Grand pianos are expensive, so you want yours to arrive safely. The most important part of any piano move is the pre-planning and the preparation. It’s imperative that your piano is packed correctly in order to avoid scuffs, bumps, and scratches (not to mention being broken) while moving. After it’s packed correctly, it must be transported safely. UDYAT Relocation & Storage System in South Florida uses special piano dollies that are heavy-duty dollies with uni-directional wheels that can support the piano’s heavy weight. The piano rests on a piano board that the piano is strapped to to help protect your piano.

Extra Precautions We Take

  • Your piano will be prepared very carefully. The legs will be removed in stages, and they will be wrapped as well.
  • There will be a minimum of three piano movers present.
  • We use piano dollies and boards for safe transport.
  • We have years of experience in moving pianos.

A family that's in the middle of a move.


UDYAT Relocation & Storage System offers many packing and moving services to help you transition to a new place. From local household moves to office moves, packing, unpacking, and piano moves, our expert team can help. We have decades of moving experience that we leverage to make our moving services efficient and precise. We are licensed and insured, so if any damage does occur (which is rare with our moving company), you are covered. If you need a piano moved, give our South Florida moving company a call today!

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