If you are moving to Puerto Rico, UDYAT can help! We can also offer relocation help to you or a loved one who is moving from Puerto Rico to the greater Miami area.

We have the ability to simplify your big move and help you pack everything carefully so that, once you’re at your new home, unpacking will be quick and easy!

Our Services

We provide both pick-up AND delivery from and to Puerto Rico. We will come to your location and help with all of the following moving-related jobs:

  • Professional packing and unpacking of your belongings
  • Loading into trucks and/or ships, as well as unloading
  • Taking care of having your car shipped
  • Providing door-to-door moving services
  • We’re also available for warehouse-to-warehouse services

UDYAT can handle your entire move for you, or we can help in the areas that you want to hire out. For example, if you’d rather handle the packing yourself, we will be happy to provide standard boxes and offer any specialized packing help you may need, such as with oversized or fragile items, allowing you to pack your kitchen wares, clothes, and other essentials while we expertly handle the hard-to-pack items.

Contact Us For Relocation Help!

We can guide you through the process to make your move to or from Puerto Rico as easy as possible! Our packers and movers are at your disposal with top-quality moving services you can rely on. Contact one of our sales representatives or stop by one of our locations to get started, or fill out our form below!

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