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Commercial Moving

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten the chance to blog, and many posts of the past have highlighted our residential home moves. In today’s blog, we’ll be shifting gears to shine the proverbial spotlight on our office moving services. If you and your company are considering moving locations in the near future, this blog is for you. Read on to find our seven commercial moving tips to make your next office move a smooth and stress-free one! 

Plan Early

Our first tip is as simple as it is necessary — plan early. You’ve heard the trite expression, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail,” but it rings true, especially when moving your office. Here are some preliminary items for you to consider while you are just getting started:

  • Review your lease – You need to find out if there is a penalty for breaking your lease early and if you will be responsible for any property damage that may have occurred while you’ve occupied your current location.
  • Get a team together – Trust us, it’s painful to do it alone. You’ll thank us later if you share the load with your colleagues. 
  • Consider your budget – How much is available to finance your move? If you have machinery and other equipment, you may need to consider going for better coverage on your move to protect your assets. 
  • Put a timeline in place – Yes, this includes a hard move-out date, but you’ll need to get there in increments. Confirm your moving date at least several months before you do anything else. 

Find Your Moving Company Early

If you’ve never been involved in an office move before, you might be surprised at just how overwhelming the entire process entails. Both literally and figuratively, the number of moving parts involved is enough to make a person’s head spin.

Ideally, you will have help. At Udyat Relocation and Storage System, we’d argue such help is practically essential to the success of your office move. This means getting help internally, of course, but it also points to the need of finding the right commercial movers to help you with all steps of the move. 

Notify IT

We’ve seen this issue crop up one too many times to not give our readers a fair warning; don’t forget to let IT know about the move! Give them at least two month’s notice to start planning all the technical transfers that need to take place. This includes internet plans, phone connections, equipment, and more. 

It’s also worth including them in any new site evaluations. They’ll help you determine what kind of infrastructure is necessary. Investing in the time and effort up front will pay dividends later, in the form of a much smoother transition to get your staff up and running at the new location.

Involve Your Staff

Speaking of staff, they can help. Depending on how nearby your pending move is, it might be worthwhile to have your employees pack and move their own office equipment. 

Now, this can be a little tricky, especially because not all of your staff will likely have vehicles or be physically capable of moving heavy equipment, so be sure to explore this option with care. 

On the other hand, if you have a small team that has something of a “start-up culture,” it might save your company a considerable amount of money in the end. 

Update Your Address

Here’s a simple logistical piece of advice: don’t forget to update your address, everywhere — on your business cards, publicity materials, website, letterhead, with the post office, on your Google business profile — everywhere. 

Make sure any and all suppliers or vendors are aware of the change of address as well, otherwise they’ll be none the wiser and end up delivering your shipments to the old location. Yikes!

Let Your Clients Know

As a corollary to the point above, don’t forget to let your clients know you’ve moved! What’s more, it’s usually a good idea to give your staff a buffer of a day or two before they have client meetings at the new office. Moving equipment might be delayed, there might be IT issues, or other problems can emerge that you’d probably prefer not having to deal with while unveiling your new office to important clientele. 


Last but certainly not least, celebrate with your staff! It’s a momentous occasion, moving offices, and everyone will appreciate a ceremonious bit of respite after all the hard work is done. There’s no need to hire a live band and get Michelin-star catering by any means (unless that’s your thing), but setting aside an hour to recognize the moment as a milestone in the company will help build healthy company culture. Plus, employees love free drinks and food!

Get Your Free Quote From UDYAT

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tip-filled blog about office moving logistics! If you are ready to get a free quote from one of the top commercial moving companies in Miami, feel free to contact UDYAT Relocation & Storage System at your convenience. We’d love to hear from you, answer any questions you might have, and hopefully help make your next move the best one you’ll ever experience!